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Davey's first owner found.

The day at Barnstaple libarary (27th October) resulted in meeting the great nephew of Davey's first owner in 1954. We hope to meet him and for him to meet his tractor after over 60 years.
He kindly sent us a photograph taken when Davey was first in Parracombe.

IMG 1849

On 1st December Mr Bray met his Davey, the tractor he bought new in 1954 from Squires agricultural merchants in Barnstaple. There was lots to tell, but it was clear that memories were flooding back. What a lovely occasion though it was a cold foggy day. Davey bears a few scars from his 60+ years but there was much that was not lost and here is a picture of him sitting on Davey.


Davey and the Big Red Machine


 Book Four is nowavailable, held up a little (see below) by the present lockdown.  It is a story about a mystery machine that turns up in the woodland. The illustrations, again by Mary Oldham, are a delight. There are lots of hidden things to find in the pictures. The story is true however.

Sh ! the secret is out. Book 4 is with us now. An entirely new story again illustrated by Mary Oldham.  I think the illustrations are the best yet and as always something for parents to read in the last pages.

Shops are due to open from 15th June. I will try and get supplies to some outlets and post here where book 4 is available. It can of course be bought from this website.



The Book

Waking up Davey is a true story for young children and seems to hit the right note judging from the pressure to get the next story out . Enjoy this one though. It would not have happened had my friend Mary Oldham, a local artist agreed to illustrate the text. 

As promised book 4 , "Davey and the Big Red Machine"  is  printed and  is available now.

I cannot yet indicate which meetings or rallies will happen and therefore Davey attend. Watch this space for any information.